Call for Submissions: Pitches for Air Canada enRoute: Submit Now!

Air Canada enRoute is inviting submissions of pitches from writers. Submit your pitches and get published on their platform today!

About Air Canada enRoute

Air Canada enRoute is a travel magazine with a Canadian perspective that speaks to an international readership. The magazine is read by over 1 million travellers a month and can be found in the seat pockets of Air Canada aircraft and in Maple Leaf™ Lounges and select Star Alliance™ lounges around the world.

Pitching Guidelines and How to Pitch

  • Before you pitch, read some back issues so you can tell them which section or department you’re targeting. 
  • Outline your story idea and your approach, writing your pitch in the same tone that you’re proposing for your piece. Please make it specific, with a strong sense of place rather than a travel–guide–style roundup of attractions (restaurants, shopping, hotels, etc.). Why should enRoute publish your story? Why should you write it? Does it teach them something new or surprising about a place? And why is this story relevant now? 
  • A few important factors to keep in mind: The location you pitch should be an Air Canada destination or on a Star Alliance™ route; time–sensitive events (such as festivals) don’t work with their longer lead times.
  • Your pitch needs to fit on one printed page. If you’re attaching a Word document, please paste the content in the body of the email as well.
  • Please limit your queries to two pitches per email and one email per month. Please send your ideas to one editor only.
  • They do not accept unsolicited manuscripts or writing on spec.
  • Outlining your idea in a one–page email is sufficient.
  • Air Canada enRoute assumes you’re pitching an original story idea and not pitching the same idea to several publications simultaneously. Let them know if this is not the case.
  • Editorial and art function separately, so please don’t pitch photo essays with rich captions or attach any images with your story idea.
  • If you’re a photographer/visual artist, you can contact their art department at info[at]aircanadaenroute[dot]com.
  • They do not accept verbal/phone queries (for your own intellectual property protection).
  • They do not accept queries from PR writers or related professions – only from journalists with no vested interests in the stories they query.
  • Their policy is to reply in writing within 30 days, but due to the number of queries they receive, that’s not always possible. Please be patient. If you haven’t heard back from them in a month, accept their sincere thanks and feel free to query other publications.
  • Editorial formats and departments: All Air Canada enRoute stories strive to show their readers why they should be interested in a particular place, subject or trend – and why now.
  • Short features: These pieces aim to get beneath the surface of a place; they are a close look at a unique happening in a specific corner of the world (the German cuisine invasion in New York, for example) or a snapshot of a place that captures a travel moment (such as a love letter to Tucson’s Hotel Congress). Please note that these stories should be based on first–hand experiences you’ve recently had. (200 to 550 words)
  • Long features: This broader–based look at a city or region has an original and unexpected angle that goes beyond typical local colour; they are not a travel guide. These pieces strive for a strong sense of place and authenticity and should be focused around a theme – not merely presented as a straight chronological journey or travelogue. (1,200 to 1,700 words)
  • Please email editorial queries to pitch[at]aircanadaenroute[dot]com.

Click here to read the official guidelines of the Call for Submissions: Pitches for Air Canada enRoute.


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