Call for Submissions: Pitches for Elemental on Medium: Submit Now!

Elemental, Medium’s health and wellness publication, is inviting submissions of pitches from writers. Submit your pitches and get published!

About Medium

Medium is an American online publishing platform developed by Evan Williams and launched in August 2012. It is owned by A Medium Corporation.

About Elemental

Elemental is Medium’s health and wellness publication. That means the publication is staffed by a small team of editors and writers who work directly for Medium. Their mission is to publish fresh, smart, science-backed health and wellness stories that help educate readers about their bodies and minds and how to best care for them.

In Elemental, you’ll find thoroughly reported features and explainers, as well as some personal essays and Q&As. 

Pitching FAQs and How to Pitch

Can I pitch Elemental?

Of course. You can email your detailed pitches to elemental[at]medium[dot]com. They look for science-backed stories that help people become more informed about their bodies and minds and live healthier lives. They also look for expert perspectives on health and wellness topics. You can also pitch their column, My Therapist Says, a series of essays about advice from therapy.

At this moment, they’re incredibly focused on advancing a broader understanding of Covid-19 (symptoms, emerging research, public health recommendations, mental health concerns, and so on) and the many ways health and well-being is impacted by a global pandemic.

Can I share a Medium draft or published story with Elemental? 

Yes, please do! Our email works for that too. Elemental frequently features health and wellness stories that were previously published on Medium in both Elemental and the Coronavirus Blog. They’re partial to original pieces that are relevant to the moment, well-shaped, and richly sourced. If you send them (or they find) a story that stands out as a great fit for Elemental or the Coronavirus Blog, they’ll reach out.

Can Elemental add me as a writer? 

Elemental doesn’t “add” writers to their publication (meaning list them publicly on their staff roster upon request). However, if they run your story, they welcome you to identify yourself as a writer for Elemental on your own channels. Please don’t email them with a request to add you; they won’t reply, as that just isn’t something they do. Instead, write a fantastic story and send that their way.

Do the Elemental editors respond to all pitches and stories? 

They read everything that comes their way, but unfortunately they’re not able to respond to every pitch and story sent to their team inbox. Each week, they receive far more pitches and submissions than they can accommodate. Therefore, they only reach out to writers whose work is a fit. If you haven’t heard from Elemental after two weeks, they encourage you to submit your story elsewhere.

Can the Elemental editors provide feedback on a rejected piece? 

In a perfect world, they’d love to. But no, they generally cannot — there are just too many stories and too few of them. However, Elemental does encourage you to follow Medium Writers to learn some tricks of the trade. If writing for Medium is entirely new to you, they recommend starting here.

If Elemental doesn’t accept a draft I submit, should I go ahead and self-publish the piece on Medium? 

Absolutely! Your story may still attract a sizable audience of readers, and of course you can earn on anything you publish through the Partner Program. That is the magic of this platform. If you want to understand a bit more about self-publishing and curation on Medium, this might help.

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