Call for Submissions: Pitches for Global Ground: Submit Now!

Global Ground is inviting submissions of pitches for publication on their platform. Submit your pitches ans get published!

About Global Ground

Global Ground Media was born when four freelance journalists and photographers discussed an alternative media company (thanks Andre, Lauren and Nick!).

A media company focusing on in-depth investigations and cross-border stories instead of breaking news. Where international and local journalists combine their knowledge and skills to uncover underreported stories.

Pitching Guidelines

Global Ground is always looking for original investigations! Here are some of the things we look for in pitches:

  • un(der)reported issues
  • in-depth investigations
  • on the ground: you interview the affected populations and not just experts and politicians 
  • new angle: how is your story different from everything else that’s already been published about the topic?
  • constructive articles including (possible) solutions from the country itself or similar situations elsewhere
  • data-driven: include numbers that illustrate the extent and urgency of the issue you’re investigating
  • cross-border stories have a special place on our hearts, so do send those along!
  • investigative: if you got investigative skills, feel free to show them off
  • unique and original reporting
  • no breaking news

How to Pitch?

  • Before pitching, please take a look at the verification practices Global Ground applies for every story.
  • When sending a pitch, please include a link to your portfolio and two references. Also mention any multimedia and languages skills you have.
  • To finally submit your pitch, click here.

Click here to read the official guidelines of the Call for Submissions: Pitches for Global Ground.


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